Bootcamp mac 3tb fusion drive

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Amazing work… Thank you…. If I follow your step and finally mess the whole drive, is it possible to reinstate back to originalI iMac? What is the step? Thanks in advance. This will use all of both disks for the fusion drive. But would like to remind that, friend, you should use the USB drive to install the windows 7 64bit, otherwise , the system will not bout up in second stage.

Hi Chris! Thanks for the great tutorial! Also, would I be able to make my windows partition larger, say GB, just by changing every instance of the number ? My question was: What I should do if I somehow make a mistake however unlikely , and need to restore my computer to how it previously was? Can I just boot from my time machine backup and restore my entire system that way, or do I need to do something else because of what your process does? Now it works thank you! Does pressing Function-Shift-F10 open the command prompt?

Mojave breaks Bootcamp on Fusion Drive

I get a error message that windows can not install on this partition.. Thanks for the nice solution.

  1. How to use Boot Camp On a Mac With a 3TB Fusion Drive!
  2. Create the Extra Partition.
  3. Apple Footer.
  4. ;
  5. mac mini g4 os x download?

Will this solution keep the fusion drive speed..? Is bootcamp running on fusion or just HD..? Toggle navigation. Here is the process: EFI On computer: Thank you soooo much from Russia, Chris!

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It was my a big problem! Peace you all, my friends! Well, it worked. Thanks a lot for this, Chris. Apple will definitely make a difference between a mid iMac and a late iMac when it comes to downloading the installer from the app store and trying to use it afterwards Cheers, Louis on June 7, at 7: I have 3TB FD iMac 5k i7 and I did your toutrial and my imac fixed and now work very good with Windows 10 and yosemite thanks for your guidance on September 22, at 3: Hi Rob, Thanks for the guide… been tearing my hair out with this.

Alex on January 29, at 3: Chris, I followed your directions step by step and they were working perfectly until I reached to the part where we are suppose to reboot and begin the installation process of windows. Thanks, Albert on January 11, at 6: Cheers, — Chris on January 11, at 3: Thanks for this! Any workaround for installing the USB driver before Windows 7 boots? Any suggestions otherwise? Thanks for this great manual.. Chris, Thanks for the tutorial. The instructions are clear and concise.

Regards, Rich on March 21, at 5: Chris, I used your instruction to set up my iMac perfectly a few months ago, well at least until now. ComSciGuy on March 20, at 6: Thnx, Maurice on March 16, at 3: Hi, Thanks your your valuable information! You saved me! Partition info: How can I use vol 3 on windows? Thank you in advance! Hi Chris, I was trying to redo the steps after suceeding to get gb windows working on my 3TB mac. Thumbs up for your tutorial!

inch iMac with 3TB Fusion Drive can't yet do Boot Camp, early adopters frustrated - 9to5Mac

Any suggestions? Thanks for your guide! It really works! Thanks for your help. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Talk about a top down complete walkthrough. Thanks again! Thanks for your help! I am well versed in the limitations of the MBR etc… Will my setup complete following the single drive non-fusion steps as long as I stay below the 2. Any ideas? How can I verify if fusion drive is actually working?

How to install Boot Camp on a 3TB Fusion Drive Mac

I followed your other instructions to the T, what am I doing wrong on February 3, at This works very well. Has anyone else encountered this problem and how can I get around it and install Windows? Chris, Maybe I missed it…but how do you restore your computer back to its original configuration? But say I go to sell in a few years, the buyer might want a virgin system. Hey Chris, Thanks for this fantastic guide. Hello, This guide is just great.

It said: To fix the problem: Can you please share with me what might go wrong? Thanks a lot. Cheers Raymond on January 22, at 8: Hello It was a false alarm.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac using an external drive

Thanks again on January 21, at 2: Hi Chrisl, Your guide is a Lifesaver! I have no doubt that this is the best solution on Google right now. Ill demonstrate my appreciation via Paypal. Thanks Victor on January 20, at 4: My iMac is still in manufacturing, so ist is ging to take a few more weeks. Might this approach not be faster? Has anyone tried this? I hope he comes on and tells us how to restore it back to original state though. When I am through and have found any issues, I will post here as well.

Oliver on January 20, at 8: Chrisl, You did an awesome job with this article. Thank very match!

Andi on January 15, at 6: This bugs me, have you got any advice? Restore from time machine Reinstall osx Get help online Disk utility Which one do I choose from that? When I boot in safe mode, the keyboard and mouse both work. I hate to ask for more, but any ideas here? Thanks -J on January 7, at Chris, awesome article! Hi Chris, Thank you so much for putting this up. I managed to get the first part to work but was wondering about the second part. Thanks, Tommy on January 3, at 5: Thanks again for your help! Thanks again for your guide, Sun on January 7, at 8: Thank you for your help!

I will try to ask the question on some forums, maybe someone have done the test! Have a nice day. Hi chrisl, I just wanted to thank you for this. BB on December 31, at 5: Thanks in advance! Ta on December 26, at 4: Amazing work… Thank you… on December 24, at 3: Sir, If I follow your step and finally mess the whole drive, is it possible to reinstate back to originalI iMac? Jackie on December 24, at I have successfully install the windows 7. Really great. Thank you! Yes, GB is fine — you only need to change one of the instructions to do that. There goes my email address.

Regards Oliver on December 23, at 5: Regards Oliver on December 23, at And how can i fix this? You can also restore a Winclone image. Here is the goodness step by step: Open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder, and then: Select the top level Macintosh HD 2. Select the partition tab.

  1. &^%$^##%%& 3TB Fusion Drive and &*%$^# Bootcamp.
  2. Bootcamp on a 3 TB Fusion Drive?
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Click Apply This will not erase the Macintosh HD, but will just resize it to make room for the new partition. The partition that is going to be split 3. The number of partitions to split the original partition into. This will be the bootcamp partition 5. The name of the boot camp partition that will be the first part of the old partition. The size of the new bootcamp partition.

It will be 1 Terabyte. The format of the second partition created from the split. The name of the second partition created from the split. Type the following command in terminal, and press return: Results after Splitting You should now have 3 partitions, each about 1 TB each.

Verification After restart, open System Information in the Utilities folder and verify that the Windows partition is disk0s4. DaddyWarpig DaddyWarpig. Windows Software Speciality level out of ten: I don't know what went wrong, or how to avoid it happening again. Any help would be appreciated. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Loner T Loner T. High Sierra is problematic. DaddyWarpig wrote: This is typically due to how total disk space is calculated in various tools.

Sierra is a much better choice on a 3TB Fusion iMac. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. It's a little bit odd. How do I verify that the Fusion drive is working as it should?

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