Write access was not granted photoshop mac

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Hopefully the issue can be fixed as have quite a lot of editing to I massively regret upgrading to Sierra: Submit Cancel. Dave Hughes 10 Posts 3 Reply Likes. This has happened to me on occasion, sometimes even just creating a new folder under a drive I never had issues with before. To fix it all I did was select the folder or drive you are attempting to write to in Finder. Chances are it will say the access is read only.

Click the lock at the bottom of the info pane, enter your password, then set the access to read and write. That should solve it. So far I have had no issues what so ever with Sierra. Trying again, for some reason could not sign in?

write access not granted

Anyway can you save a file to that location from Finder or is it just Photoshop? Right so I have managed to find out so far that the problems are my external hard drives. They did not like Sierra at all. So I can go between lightroom and photoshop if I save it to my computer but if I attempt to save it on my external hard drive it all goes wrong. Now that is a bit of a bummer as have tonnes of pictures on different EHD's and they refuse to work. Photoshop does not allow me to save changes.

Previous updates have never been a problem.

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Did not even think this could happen. John Maguire Posts 84 Reply Likes. Sounds like you don't have permission to write to the folder. If it works, check the folders write permission. Happened to me in windows after updating PS and lightroom. Susan Sims 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Chantelle Grobbelaar 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. I am new to IMAC but found the same, cannot save to an external hard drive, I only have the right to read not save and no option to change the rights. View previous…. David Converse Posts Reply Likes. If you Get Info on the drive, what format is it in?

As Anna says that she has been using this drive with no issues for the last year, it's unlikely that it's formatted in NTFS. When you've selected 'Get Info', look at the bottom. That's where your permissions for this drive as shown.

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If the drive is MacOS formatted, you should also see a checkbox 'Ignore ownership for this volume'. Make sure that this is checked. Anna Brooks 3 Posts 0 Reply Likes. So bizarre as I've been uploading to this drive from Lightroom on my iMac for over a year without any issues.

How to Get Access Privileges on Mac : Tech Yeah!

This problem only started when I upgraded to High Sierra so it must have something to do with this. I'm having to move all of my photos onto another drive doing this now so I can reformat this external hard drive. Hopefully this fixes the problem but I'll let you know. Maybe you had a special driver for NTFS installed? There is one from Paragon software and I believe there was an open source version as well. That could explain it: Upgrade this driver and you won't have to reformat the disk The issue turned out to be security permissions not share permissions on the Server.

If the user belonged to a group that had a Full permission to the file, but also to a group that had read only permissions for example Everyone or Users , Photoshop seems to always choose the least permissions. Why Photoshop does this I do not know. So are fix was to make sure that the user only belongs to one group that had permissions to the share.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Does anyone know of a real fix for this? Adobe cs6 is fully updated along with Best Answer. Ghost Chili. Its also ridiculous because almost every creative agency in the work does it However when you mix a Mac with Apple 'nearly but not quite' SMB support, Windows Server and Creative Suite its a recipe for disaster With 40, Macs in my last job we had to find a solution of replacing the Xserves and other Apple solutions after Apple pulled the rug on enterprise support Install a demo copy of Acronis Extreme Z-IP - takes 10 minutes to configure.

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We found 6 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! By right the files like pdf etc can be used on any machine with the applications installed Was this helpful? Dataless Sep 13, MI32 wrote: They are program specific not OS specific. See all 6 answers. Popular Topics in Apple. Spiceworks Help Desk.

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The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. Bill This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Mo C Feb 7, at Acronis 1, Followers Follow. Photoshop CS6 6. Happy you got the answer. Sam Acronis Feb 21, at Mo, Glad the issue was resolved with Trial Version. Chris Cox: Kurt Lang: That is a great catch! I overlooked that one.

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You may be onto something there. Sam Acronis Jun 25, at Acronis True Image Acronis Files Connect 3.

AndrewZ Jun 26, at Could be permissions, could be corruption and data loss. It's not a Mac only thing either, it happens on Windows too. I spent 8 years in IT for a printing company. In that time, I read every Adobe support article, tried every product and fix under the sun. Save yourself the stress, abandon all hope of finding a fix and use Adobe's supported workflows.

Note this is the "solution" that I tested reliably from our in house ticketing system: Of course I could try to train our designers on Adobe's workflow Computer A browse to a folder and view the preview column for a file Computer B open the file from list view, make a change and save Computer A unselect the file, or move away from the preview column Computer B file saves fine. One week, no more errors, 30 Mac users.

write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac
write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac
write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac
write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac
write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac
write access was not granted photoshop mac Write access was not granted photoshop mac

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