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When I finished, I felt cleansed and pure, like the pocketbook gods had absolved me of all my purse-stuffing sins. Not only was writing out this list strangely cathartic, it was also slightly alarming. Does one relatively sane woman really need to lug around all this crap? I just happened to get a big, slouchy purse a few months ago, thinking it would look chic. Oh, and yesterday there was also one Fuji apple in there but I ate it. What can I say? I have: My wallet, with my bazillions of club cards and gift cards that I never seem to use.

I usually have to purge my purse of receipts about once a week.

*~* MAC lipstick *~*

And WOW I am amazed you fit all of that stuff in your purse! That IS a lot of stuff. I carry heaps in my hand bags too. My friends are amazed at the stuff I bring! My list, give or take a few things: Well lets see… my two wallets one that carries everything and one to put the id and debit card in when I feel like carrying light , my organizer, an envelope full of postits with beauty tips from You, about 5 recipes printed from my computer at work, about 5 face looks from mac, somewhere between 25 and 30 lipglosses, lipsticks, lip balms, etc.

I am a lippie junkie for real!!!! That all fits in a 15w X 9h X 5d black leather handbag from van heusen! Wow that is a lot of stuff…i need to clean it out this weekend! So one of my new years resolutions was to keep my purse clean and neat! Plus i got a super cute Juciy purse for christmas that i dont want to get messy: I had cleaned my bag the other day and afterwards i felt light and airy..

I thought I was lugging around alot. But now my shoulder doesnt hurt that much. This is too much fun! No, not one of those dinky cheerleader batons. An eight inch steel baton that extends to a goodly length when I flick it. A hair tie. I have receipt issues, too. I totally love that you carry around vials of perfume. I hope you get both Brazil Nut and Palm Tree.

Dupes de batons da MAC #2 (Vegas Volt, Pink Nouveau, Chatterbox, Heroine e Flat Out Fabulous)

They are my favorites out of the four. AND they smell good, too!

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I print out recipes too and stuff them into my Day Planner. I love how your bag has all the essentials I have in my bathroom. If I had all that stuff I could live out of my purse, seriously. I need to start carrying around tweezers, too. Ever since I turned 30 I get these scary lunch-lady chin hairs that are hard and pokey and they sprout up out of nowhere! I carry it to the car, the from the car to work, and vice versa during the week. Yes, Lemon Zest bars have saved me on more than one occasion. Lemon Zest bars to the rescue, hooray!

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I get motion sickness, too, but I always forget to have these on hand. A notepad, paperwork for school, a makeup bag, a digital camera, hand sanitizer and lotion, 2 hair clips, sunglasses, an assortment of pens, a paperback book, and my favorite Coach wallet the red and plain wristlet.

I just cleaned out my purse at work the other day too. My whole life is in that thing. I tried to use a clutch for one week…that was a joke!! I ended up putting the clutch in my tote bag and carried that around. Holy schmokes, you carry all those in yur purse? My Crap: I love doing this! Everything fits in a Mark by Avon bag.

Okay, here we go:. Aww Miss Karen, thanks for playing! Let me try again. Treo a few Chapsticks hairbrush with ponytail holders wrapped around it bobby pins pager epi pen bandaids emergency medications Advil, Benadryl blotting papers gum pens planner mirror reading glasses and their case tissues yankee gift card wallet that desperately needs to be thinned out loose change cough drops Makeup bad: But, writing it out makes me see how I need to clean it out and also explains why my shoulder hurts!! Well,everything still ahead of me,maybe someday…who knows LOL.

I really dont think I used to be this bad with carrying so much around with me, I blame the big bags the one I got for my birthday has been my downfall! But here goes: Chanel teint innocence compact foundation in beige Chanel poudre universelle compacte Chanel soleil bronze Chanel blush which i adore but have had for so long the colour name has rubbed off the back! Chanel creme gloss lumiere Chanel Glossimer 25 Chanel Glossimer Chanel coco mademoiselle twist and spray Chanel coco mademoiselle solid parfum compact stella rollerball edp EBoost powder pinched from W Hotel NY lol pack of tic tacs pack of polo mints softlips lip balm RAC membership card that i have been meaning to put in my car for 2 months!

Today I am showing all my current favourite lipsticks —…. A nude lipstick or lipgloss is an absolute must-have in any makeup collection, and with our guide, you will find The One that matches your skin tone the most! Image gallery for: Matte me ultra smooth matte lip cream by sleekmakeup color birthday suit swatches lipstick lovethis lipsticklovers loveit beautiful sleekmakeup sleek.

Explore LizVieira's photos on Flickr. LizVieira has uploaded photos to Flickr. Luniqe Store on. Nars sarah moon nude lipstick swatch.

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Alina Plakhtiienko alinaplakhtiienko. Newchic Official newchicstylist. Shaping Shapewear Briefs. Sunshine jakaroo MAC lipstick: Really Me lipliner: Boldly Bare. Anyone know what lip color this is? Katie Sutton mksutton. The Best mac lipsticks maclipsticks. Shireen Johnson shireenjohnson. Diana Marinel dianamarinel. Boutiquede Femme boutiquefemmes.

Eloise Wrolbot eloisewrolbot. Amy Rhodes wlvgnlbwzjwq. S Desto sdesto.

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