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Many bands don't realize that they can make this process so much easier by generating a Stage Plot online. Tech Riders are essential for every band and enable everybody to have a much easier show experience. On your Stage Plot you can show where each member of the band and each instrument will be positioned on stage, including the locations of the mics, amplifiers, monitors and possibly the cable positions. The key is to create a clear but specific Tech Rider , so everything is set up accordingly and everything is prepared for you, get it right and you will find your checks will go smoothly with very little hassle.

#197 – How to Create the Best Stage Plot and Input List

A good Stage Plot will save you a lot of stress in the long run. What is a Stage Plot? A Stage Plot or technical rider is a document that details exactly what your band needs to make a show fantastic.

It details the equipment and instruments of every band member, the input you will need from the venues that you're playing and how you want your stage to look and sound. If you're a small band and you don't have much equipment or instruments with you, your Stage Plot will most likely mainly cover the gear that you're using onstage.

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As your band grows, your Tech Rider will start to include any FOH consoles that you bring with you, the lighting rigs you're touring with and any pyrotechnics that you have onstage. A Stage Plot is constantly updated as you continue touring and continue growing as a band.

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You can search for bands who have a similar sound to yours, as they will more than likely have a similar Tech Rider to the one that you'll need. When you don't have a good idea of what you need to include on your Tech Rider, then make a list of the equipment you have for your band and the make and model that this equipment is.

Here are some examples

When you've done this, you can use an online Stage Plot generator to create your full Tech Rider online. Once you've created your Tech Rider, you can send it out to all venues that you will be playing in advance of you doing your shows there. A crew doesn't need a CAD drawing in 3D to set up a stage. My personal fave is the detailed drawing of the 13 piece drum kit. A simple plan with some dimensions if possible at least where things are in relation to the lip of the stage will suffice in most instances.

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How about OmniGraffle? It used to come with Mac OSX, not sure if it does anymore. Teri Hogan Jr. Member Offline Posts: If you don't subscribe, you can read it online at www. I believe there will be an article on writing technical riders, with some help on stageplots.

Honest, though, you do not need a fancy software package to create a really good stageplot. In fact, the more graphics you stick in there, the harder it gets to read. I'm sure the standard Mac software has something comparable to Windows' Paint facility. Just remember the KISS method For sound technicians, it is extremely convenient to have an overview of the setup of your band prior to the show.

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Have you created a stage plot? Then mail it to the venue where you will be playing or share it via your social networks.

StagePlotPro 2.4.8

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ first. Contact us through this form, or send an e-mail to info mystageplan.

stage plot software mac free Stage plot software mac free
stage plot software mac free Stage plot software mac free
stage plot software mac free Stage plot software mac free
stage plot software mac free Stage plot software mac free
stage plot software mac free Stage plot software mac free
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