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2. “I got diamonds in my chain but it don’t make a difference if you crying in the rain.” — Loud

OK, got it! Coldest motherfucker in the room? Who the coldest motherfucker in the room?

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Who the coldest motherfucker that you know? Bring him 'round here he's gettin' froze He's gettin' froze, he's gettin' froze [Verse 1: Mac Miller] Roll it up, let's smoke And tell me why your bitch look like Glenn Close I'm on my own two, that's ten toes First a rule of sly, somebody says go Why you bent low when your Jordans' retro Girls playin' games for the bills, they Drew Bledsoe There's a lot that you can buy, but I'll never own And a lot of information that I'll never know Learn 'til they get concerned for my sanity Your life is filled with vanity, needs a little clarity This the truth, this a taste, can you handle it?

A million dollars couldn't cover up the damages Naked girl at the crib makin' sandwiches And when we makin' love I got a candle lit Some romantic shit to put her in the mood The world woke me up, now I'm lookin' at the snooze [Hook: To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain". Add song structure elements. Swan Song. Dumb Blonde. Cold meanings Best Recent 0 meanings View -5 more meanings.

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Mac miller songs like clarity?

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Mac Miller "Dang!" Official Lyrics & Meaning - Verified

Thugz Mansion. The first lyric seems like a passing reference to Celine Dion, except that Ariana Grande frequently impersonates the Canadian pop icon's vocals, as seen on her "SNL" and "Tonight Show" appearances.

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As for the second line, Miller seems to be referencing his struggles with alcohol, mentioning his heightened emotions when he's not drinking. Whether Miller is talking about a past or present relationship isn't completely clear here. Released as an early single from "Swimming," "Self Care" was seen as Miller's chronicle of his mental recovery from his difficult stretch of time. While he only vaguely alludes to his breakup in the song, he's more direct in his acknowledgment of his car crash, considering the vehicle involved was reportedly a Mercedes.

Miller is straightforward here about his relationship struggles, blaming the old adage of "loving too much" for his challenges. Wouldn't you rather get along? Of all the songs on "Swimming," this track seems uniquely directed at Grande. There's a chance it's a gloomy ode to another woman, but there's a wistfulness that makes it seem as if Miller is rapping about love lost as he wonders why he and his counterpart can't just get along and — most tellingly — seems to reminisce about seeing an ex again after some time apart.

Miller says it himself here — he's a lone wolf, capable of thriving alone, a common stance to adopt after a breakup. If there's a mission statement to "Swimming," it could very well be this lyric, about how Miller, after all his trials, is just happy to be alive and is taking his struggles in stride.

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clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller
clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller
clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller
clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller
clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller
clarity lyrics meaning mac miller Clarity lyrics meaning mac miller

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