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Lovely to look at

When looking at the two next to each other, they are indistinguishable. Things look mostly the same on the inside, too, though this mini is equipped with Fusion Drive.

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In addition to the HDD, it sports a 2. You must login or create an account to comment.

Skip to main content Aurich Lawson. Honestly, neither can I. I think it's the bottom one.

Fastest Mac Mini in the World! [Part 4] FINALE!

Visible at top is the Samsung SSD. He also knows stuff about enterprise storage, security, and human space flight. Lee is based in Houston, TX. Email lee. It's a robust selection of features for such a small system; other compact desktops often drop features in the interest of saving space, such as the Shuttle X , which omits Wi-Fi connectivity.

The processor has been upgraded to the latest Ivy Bridge technology, and our review unit was outfitted with a 2. Graphics processing got a bump with the integrated Intel HD Graphics , but this time around there is no configuration available with a discrete GPU. Fusion Drive The Mac mini's specifications tell us that our model is equipped with a 1. Instead of there being two drive volumes to manage which can be a nuisance for the tech savvy, and downright mystifying for others , the Mac mini presents the two drives as one volume.

Apple Mac mini (Winter 2012)

As far as managing your files and programs, that's all you need to know, because the Fusion Drive software does the rest. Pull back the curtain a bit, and there's more going on. As your data is used from day to day, however, the drive shifts the less frequently used data to the 1TB hard drive, which offers slower speed, but more storage capacity. The result is speedy SSD performance for the data you use most frequently, without the cramped storage you'd contend with on a pure SSD.

What makes this set up different from hybrid drives, however, is that the Flash storage is not acting as a cache, mirroring data from the drive.

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Also, the evaluation process is ongoing, continuously evaluating each piece of data as it is accessed by the user, shifting it back and forth to maximize performance. Once your Mac mini gets into a routine and is optimized, this setup can save wear and tear on the spinning hard drive, since oft-used programs and files will eventually reside on Flash storage.

All of this work happens in the background, with data evaluated in real time, and shifted to and from the Flash storage during idle times so as not to slow down performance during data intensive actions. From the algorithmic evaluation of data use to the shifting of data, it all happens seamlessly in the background, and offers optimal performance without the need for constant tweaking.

The programs themselves are top-rated, and Mountain Lion itself was picked as one of the best tech products of It also features all of the same gesture support seen in the MacBook Pro line-up, so you might consider getting an Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad to take advantage of the intuitive controls.

Apple Mac mini (Late 2012)

In addition to the operating system and programs, Apple covers the Mac mini with a one-year warranty, and offers free tech support for the first 90 days after purchase. Performance With the new processing hardware, and the bump from dual-core Core i5 to quad-core Core i7, the Mac mini Late more than doubled the processing performance over the previous iteration, scoring 5. By PCAdvisor on April 11, 80 Beautiful, minimalist design combined with wonderful build quality make the slick Mac mini a highly attractive proposition.

By Pocket-lint on February 20, 80 A lovely machine that has so many uses it's almost staggering. By DigitalVersus on February 15, 80 Even after losing its dedicated graphics card which makes it basically useless for gaming , the Mac mini is still one of the most powerful mini-computers around. By IT PRO on January 24, 67 Apple's Mac mini doesn't look any different to last year's version, but this doesn't matter because the design and build quality is outstanding. By PC Pro on January 09, 67 Not all Apple's additions offer good value, but the hardware is as enticing as ever, and the Ivy Bridge upgrade is worth By Business Computing World on December 13, 90 This update to the humble Mac Mini has gone almost unnoticed amidst the headline-grabbing launch of the iPad Mini and the elegant new iMac.

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By TechRadar on December 04, 80 Dropping the discrete graphics processor was an unwelcome surprise, though the unexpected but much appreciated Fusion Drive, a hybrid solution combining a hard drive and solid state storage, is a great configuration option. By TechRadar on December 04, 80 The hackneyed old phrase, 'an evolution not a revolution' could to use another hackneyed phrase be written for the late Mac mini. By Gizmodo on November 21, 70 If you're OK with a Mac whose specs are less than top of the line, and don't want the design grace of an all-in-one iMac, the answer is absolutely yes.

By PC Mag on November 20, 90 The Apple Mac mini Late is Apple's best yet, packing as much punch into its compact chassis as a full-size desktop, and offering the sizable, speedy Fusion Load More Reviews….

mac mini gaming review 2012 Mac mini gaming review 2012
mac mini gaming review 2012 Mac mini gaming review 2012
mac mini gaming review 2012 Mac mini gaming review 2012
mac mini gaming review 2012 Mac mini gaming review 2012
mac mini gaming review 2012 Mac mini gaming review 2012

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