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You can see how many processors or processor cores your Mac has by clicking the Hardware category and looking at the Number of Processors and Total Number of Cores on the right side of the window. The more the merrier! OpenCL is one of the features built into Snow Leopard. This has the potential to provide vast increases in performance, at least for specialized applications such as CAD, CAM, image manipulation, and multimedia processing.

Even routine applications, such as photo editors and image organizers, should be able to increase overall capabilities or performance using OpenCL technologies. Apple lists the supported graphics chipsets as:. The list of supported graphic chipsets assumes you are checking on a Mac that was manufactured before August when OS X Snow Leopard was introduced.

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Why do I say currently? Because this list is in flux. It represents the graphics chips that Apple has tested, not all the graphics chips that are capable of supporting OpenCL. A special note for Mac Pro users: So, while you may be able to swap an OpenCL-compatible graphics card into your early Mac Pro and have it run effectively as a standard graphics card, it may have performance issues when it attempts to use OpenCL. Grand Central Dispatch, and the memory space, speed, and security that bit brings. This question is asked a lot, though not always with Snow Leopard as being the desired target for the downgrade.

It seems with every update to the Mac OS, there will always be some who find the newer version, not to their liking, or discover that the new version of the operating system renders some older application incompatible. The general answer is no. Without the necessary code, your Mac is likely to fail to start up, fail the install process, or crash, if for some reason you were able to successfully complete the installation. Be aware, however, that the process will require you to erase your startup drive, and lose all your current data, so be sure to back up your Mac before proceeding.

In addition, there's no guarantee that any user data that was created with a version of OS X that post-dates Snow Leopard will be usable with Snow Leopard or the apps that created them.

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Now, in many cases your user data will be transferable. For example, a photo in any of the standard image formats should work just fine under Snow Leopard, but your Apple Mail messages may not be readable by the Snow Leopard version of Mail, because Apple changed message formats in some of the later versions of OS X. This is, of course, just one example of the type of issues that may surface when downgrading from one version of OS X to a previous version. To install Snow Leopard on your Mac's startup drive. Remember, this will erase all of the data on your startup drive, so let me repeat: I have had a iMAc 27inch running Lion perfectly, everything was without issue.

Then we changed IT and location to a new comapny and they installed SL and 2 days later my screen has died or the hardware is having serious issues, very blown out and only some colours.

1. The “best fit” solution

Lion was actually very stable and fine. Well I ended up with Lion, not on one, but on two machines. About days in, I was hating it and about ready to return the thing. Downside was it had Lion. But I knew it could run Snow Leopard since they were originally released with it.

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That was last weekend. I took the time to arrange my Desktops in a specific way, like how I had done with Spaces just horizontally instead. So I was hooked. Now, I do hate the mutli-monitor support. But it does work. Office runs just fine.

How to downgrade from Lion to Snow Leopard

I would advise against upgrading SL to Lion. Do a wipe and fresh install. I really appreciate for your time and consideration.. Not to forget: Can anybody set up a short list which essential data are to be exported and folders are to be saved before downgrading? Snow Leopard and Lion use a different mailbox format. The Launcher is OK, but it also shows the uninstall Apps and other links that make it inefficient. After the 7. Word, Excel and many, many other applications absolutely will not work in Lion. Imagine my horror and consternation when I could not read a large number of Excel files hundreds and hundred of pages of Word Documents.

2. The “best case” solution

I am working on several books. I could not use my DesignJet z, my Epson , the internet was iffy, problems with Adobe. One would have thought one was dealing with, heaven forefend, horrors MS! I never thought I would utter these words. Many newer Macs will run on SL, but you have to do a clone from your back up. I shall tell everyone I know not to buy Lion until the situation is completely resolved.

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  4. The download took some 8 hours to say nothinf of the terribly long install.

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